The results of the October 2020 New York State bar examination were posted on December 16, 2020 to candidate BOLE accounts in the Applicant Services Portal. Click here to read the Board’s press release regarding the October 2020 bar exam passing rates. A list of the passing candidates is available at the following link:...Read more

Bole Definition of Bole at Dictionary

Bole definition, the stem or trunk of a tree. See more....Read more

Bole definition of bole by The Free Dictionary

Define bole. bole synonyms, bole pronunciation, bole translation, English dictionary definition of bole. tree trunk Not to be confused with: boll – seed pod of a plant, as flax or cotton bowl – hemispherical vessel; a large wooden ball; a roll of the ball, as......Read more

BOLE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

bole definition: 1. the trunk of a tree 2. the trunk of a tree. Learn more....Read more

bole Wiktionary

bole (plural boles) An aperture with a shutter in the wall of a house, to admit air or light. 1816, Walter Scott, The Antiquary, 1862, Adam and Charles Black, page 220, "Open the bole," said the old woman firmly and hastily to her daughter in law, “open the bole wi' speed, that I may see if this be the right Lord Geraldin […] ....Read more

bole Origin and meaning of bole by Online Etymology ...

BOLE Meaning: "body or trunk of a tree," early 14c., from Old Norse bolr "tree trunk," from Proto Germanic *bulas… See definitions of bole....Read more

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Welcome to the New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) Applicant Services Portal. All transactions, including your application to sit for the bar examination, application by transferred UBE score, application for admission on motion, registration for the New York Law Course and registration for the New York Law Exam, must be made through the Applicant Services Portal....Read more

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In April 2019, the Board launched the latest version of the NYLC. To access the NYLC applicants must create an account by clicking on BOLE ACCOUNT on the menu located on the left. Applicants will be required to view recorded lectures on 12 subjects covered by the NYLC and NYLE....Read more

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