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Hometalk can help you figure out what to make and how to make it. We have step by step instructional videos to guide you. Browse our best, top, and newest projects for ideas. The possibilities are endless! What do you want to make? Candles. Centerpieces. Decorative Plates. Holiday Crafts. Holiday Gifts. Lanterns....Read more

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Hometalk is a great app I love Hometalk I get so many ideas from it like for Christmas Holidays and birthdays now this would be a five star rate if I could find the post a project button I know that people say it’s on the top right corner but it’s not it’s only the search button if anyone else had this problem but figured out a way to fix it and post please tell me because I have so many ......Read more

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You don't have to have a blog to visit HomeTalk. HomeTalk is a social hub powered by user generated content. It's a great place to find DIY projects of all kinds, inside the home and out. If you need tips or have some questions you want answered, or just want to browse for ideas, HomeTalk is a spot you should check out....Read more


Hometalk is the world’s largest DIY community and together with our amazing community of creators and influencers, we bring you ideas, tutorials, videos, and resources to light that creative ......Read more

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The Hometalk Pinterest Influence Program is set up to reward Pinterest Influencers (Pinterest users) for driving traffic to Hometalk by pinning specific Hometalk created pins. They pay you for driving clicks from your pins to their site. They offer a $8 CPM, meaning for every 1000 clicks you earn $8! ......Read more

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Dec 12, 2020 Everything DIY & Crafts! Popular and one of a kind home decor & gardening projects, broken down for you by expert Honorary Pinners from the Hometalk ......Read more

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Hometalk DIY Home & Garden DIY ideas for your home and garden decor. At Hometalk you'll find easy DIY projects, crafts, videos, tips and hacks to help you create the home you love!...Read more

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Hey Y'all. I'm Leah from Southern Yankee, Diy and thank you for watching home talk. I can't wait to get started. Alright, the first thing that we're gonna do is measure and decide on the size that we want our Christmas tree box slash collar mine is gonna be one foot um tall, so I know that I wanna keep this handle so I'm going to just go ahead and measure from the top of the handle down and ......Read more

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