Discover Deals Shopping Portal is Closing This Month

With nearly 100 partner merchants, the Discover Deals shopping portal was a go to for anyone looking to grab a bit of cash back from a purchase that would otherwise count as non bonus spend. Discover was also one of the only issuers to enable cash back on Apple purchases. Fare thee well, Discover Deals. Discover still offers quarterly bonuses, much like those offered on the Chase Freedom, but the expiration of Discover Deals is a big blow in terms of overall value for holding one of Discover ......Read more

Discover Cash Back Rewards Summary Discover

What our cardmembers love about Discover it rewards. Love it! November 7, 2017. I love my 5% reward cash back!! The reward calendar is always perfect for my shopping needs!! – Bryann. Great Card With Cash back Bonus! October 6, 2017. I LOVE THE FACT THAT DISCOVER WILL MATCH YOUR CASHBACK AT THE END OF THE YEAR! – BLUE1. One of the Best ......Read more

Credit Card Login Discover Card

Secure Account Log In. Please complete all fields below. User ID. Password...Read more

Discover Deals Guide Get 5% Cash Back or More (Merchant ...

Discover Deals is the exclusive cash back shopping portal for Discover cardmembers. But in addition to supplying you with cash back for various merchants, Discover Deals also offers promotions that can save you money at merchants online and in store....Read more

ShopDiscover Online Shopping Portal Review

In this episode, we will be looking at Discover’s online shopping portal called shopdiscover . What shopdiscover offers Discover cardholders is a chance to save money when they shop online with their merchant partners. In this review, we will look at how you actually use the portal....Read more

Discover Deals Huge Discounts & Cash Back Rewards for ...

Launched in 2014, Discover Deals is an online shopping platform that allows Discover cardholders the opportunity to earn discounts, extra cash back, or statement credits in store or online. Deals are made available directly through the Discover site or the mobile app, including offers at restaurants, clothes and accessories merchants, décor or supplies for the home, and even vacation packages....Read more

Question about Discover shopping portal myFICO® Forums ...

Hi, I am in the process of building a credit portfolio. Have already been approved for Sallie Mae World MC (for grocery, gas, ), and seriously thinking about adding Discover to take advantage of their shopping portal, which should give me 6 % cashback. I do a lot of online shoping online w......Read more

Discover More Card List of Retail Merchant Partners

Discover More Card List of Retail Merchant Partners Executive Summary Shopdiscover is the online shopping portal for this card (and their other cards as well). It is, in our opinion, the best one out there because you will earn more rebates with their partners than elsewhere (most of the time anyway)....Read more

10 Cash Back Portals That Give You Money For Online Shopping

Discover Deals If you have a Discover Card, you have access to the Discover Deals Shopping Portal. They don’t have a wide selection of retailers available, but they do offer some of the highest rates around. Discover and Jet are currently the only ones that offer 5% cash back for all purchases on the Apple Store....Read more

Shop With Points Discover Financial Product

How do I contact Discover if I have questions regarding my rewards balance or my Discover card account? Call Discover at 1 800 DISCOVER (1 800 347 2683) or send a secure email from your online Discover card account. I have enough Cashback Bonus or Miles to pay for my order....Read more

Discover Shopping Portal

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