FTP BAT worked in Win 7 but not in Win 10

First let me say that any information I don't provide, I'll be happy to provide. I created simple batch files to upload download files to my FTP based on scheduled tasks. The schedule part is not a concern for this request, getting the FTP to function again is the topic. I created them years ago in Windows 7....Read more

How to Automate FTP Uploads from the Windows mand Line

Connected to ftp.myserver . 220 Microsoft FTP Service ftp> user myusername 331 Password required for myusername. 230 User myusername logged in. ftp> bin 200 Type set to I. ftp> put FileToUpload.zip 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for FileToUpload.zip 226 Transfer complete. ftp: 106 bytes sent in 0.01Seconds 7.07Kbytes sec. ftp> quit...Read more

Scheduled task won't run .bat file

Hi. On Windows Server 2008 I have a scheduled task that calls a .bat file. The fist step in the .bat file is write to a log file to the same directory in which the .bat file exists. This allows me to find out if it is ever run. When the .bat file is run from a command prompt it runs as expected writing to the log file and completing its actions....Read more

DOS Batch FTP Scripts

FTP Simple Single Batch: FTP script and batch in a single file. FTP Automatic Login: Automatically login to your FTP session with a single click. FTP Download Only New Files: Ftp script to download only files that don`t exist in local folder, i.e. to avoid overwrite: FTP Scripts Sharing Login Info: Manage the FTP login separately from ......Read more

Using Windows FTP Scripts To Automate File Transfers

In Windows, scripts usually work with batch files. You may call that command we showed earlier from a batch file like this: If the batch file (e.g. fileupload.bat) is located in a directory whose path is included in your PATH environment variable, then you'll be able to run that batch file as a command prompt executable file from any directory....Read more

[Solved] Batch FTP script list, rename, get & delete?

The first logs in and gets a list of files and quits. The second then logs in, renames the files from the list, then downloads and deletes them from the FTP server. Finally, the main batch files takes over to rename the newly downloaded files locally and then cleans up the temporary FTP script files and the list.txt....Read more

Passing parameters to a .bat file FTP script forum

I have a batch file that I am trying to schedule to run with the program. The batch file transfers certain files over to a customers server. In the batch script there is some coding that copys the file and puts in in a local backup folder adn then sends the file. The program seems to skip that step in the batch file and just transfers the file....Read more

Ftp Bat File Dont Work

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  • Post Date : January 22, 2021