How to access MyBookLive via Windows 10.0 Explorer? My ...

My Book Live. kerri_jean December 4, 2015, 3:28am #1. Hello, I’m looking to access MyBook through Windows Explorer. Right now I can only access the files through the WD MyCloud App on my 2nd PC. I’m using Windows 10. One my 1st PC, I can access MyBook through Explorer. However, the 2nd machine cannot access MyBook....Read more

MyLiveBook Login

MyLiveBook allows Content Owners and Authors to securely provide dynamic materials giving access to learning from anywhere, any time. Users can add their own notes, comments and highlights directly onto the pages. With a lower environmental impact than printed materials and immediate delivery, without the...Read more


Double click the My Book Live drive on the network. Starting the My Book Live Dashboard 1. Use one of the options outlined in “Launching the My Book Live Dashboard” on page 54 to access the My Book Live Dashboard: When you select an option on the screen, the navigation panel slides to the left and the selected page appears....Read more

My Book Live Free download and software reviews CNET ...

My Book Live is used to create your own personal cloud, without the monthly fees and mysterious location of your data. Store your media and files on the drive and access them securely over the......Read more

Unable to access my WD My Book Live via UI Login

My WD My Book Live is working perfectly and I can watch my pictures (even from my mobile with WD2go), listen to my music, etc… I can also see the folders in the finder BUT since I erased some folders by mystake on the NAS I’m not able anymore to connect to it with the WD application. If I try to reinstall it, it tells me the application is already installed. If I try to connect ( ......Read more

Software and Firmware Downloads WD Support

Product update for My Book Live. Important: Before updating to the latest firmware, it is recommended that you’ve installed the latest updates and service pack on your computer. For Windows®, go to the Start menu and select Windows Update; For Mac®, go to the Apple® menu and select Software Update...Read more

Can't find MyBookLive on the home network My Book Live ...

My Book Live. anon15289820 December 10, 2016, 9:18am #1. Hey, Having major problems finding MyBookLive on the home network. I am using a Mac, in finder when i click on the shared icon it says “connection failed”. When i double click on the WD My Cloud app thingy and it eventually says “can’t connect to this device”....Read more

Can not longer access mybooklive UI # My Book Live WD ...

I just got my My Book Live 3TB today… Everything configured and was working until I upgraded the firmware. Now I have the same issue, I can’t get to the UI. The public folders are there and accessible but no way to configure the unit. FYI…...Read more

Admin password My Book Live WD munity

My Book Live. sankarmukh. October 15, 2015, 1:53am #1. Hi, I purchased last week WD MBL 2Tb drive. Initially, I had a lot of problems but after uploading new firmware , new WD Smartware etc, I am making progress. I documented them in another post. Now, when I am creating users from dashboard, I see there is an admin account and probably I am ......Read more

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