Red Star OS

Red Star OS features a modified Mozilla Firefox browser called Naenara ("My country" in Korean), which is used for browsing the Naenara web portal on the North Korean internet network known as Kwangmyong. Naenara comes with two search engines....Read more

Red Star OS – ArchiveOS

Red Star OS – a North Korean Linux based operating system, developed at the Korea puter Center (KCC). The Korea puter Center (KCC), the leading IT R& D base of the DPRK, was founded on October 24, 1990 under the careful guidance of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il....Read more

Red Star OS LinuxReviews

Red Star OS is a Fedora based Linux distribution which is very popular in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). It features security modules even root can't touch or unload. It a has advanced anti virus and anti propaganda scanner and advanced file tagging....Read more

Red Star 2.0 Linux Distros

Red Star OS is a North Korean GNU Linux operating system. Development started in 1998 at the Korea puter Center. It features modified Mozilla Firefox browser called Naenara, to browse internet network known as Kwangmyong....Read more

Red Star OS 3.0 Desktop & Server Free Download, Borrow ...

Red Star OS 3.0 Redstar OS 3 Desktop and Server ISO files archived......Read more

Made in North Korea Red Star O.S ⋆ Visit North Korea

In this case, Red Star O.S is an operating system which really lives up to its name, in that it is a true socialist operating system which serves to integrate the power and seer ship of the state into one’s everyday use of a compute!. The end result is that it serves to be a technological innovation which is yet again limited in scope....Read more

Meet Red Star OS, the North Korean Linux distro that apes ...

Red Star OS is a Linux distribution with a customized, themed KDE 3 desktop. Previous versions of Red Star OS looked more similar to Windows, but the current Red Star OS 3.0 has a Mac OS X like......Read more

Installing Red Star OS On Actual Hardware!

Today we install our favourite OS from North Korea on actual hardware! iRexi: s: .youtube user BeastlyGamingYT AwesomeOne554: s: .youtube......Read more

GitHub takeshixx redstar tools Tools for Red Star OS (붉은별)

Tools for Red Star OS (붉은별) This repository includes several binaries from and tools for Red Star OS. These can be used for further research work....Read more

Red Star Os

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