Employee Time Tracking Fast & Accurate TimeTac

No more documentation of working times on paper or in Excel. TimeTac is a cloud based time tracking system which provides you with all needed reports for any time period. With just a few simple clicks you can get an overview of all tracked working hours, absences, overtime and draw further reports by employee or department. Define a specific time period such as the current month, year or any other custom period....Read more

Time Tracking Software Easy & Fast Time Tracker TimeTac

In office employees can easily track their working hours from the convenience of their PC or Mac . Mobile employees can track time via a terminal and the multiuser app on the smartphone or tablet. While your employees are on the go or on business trips, they can use the time tracking app with NFC technology and GPS position data. All of these time tracking options can be combined or chosen individually....Read more

Employee Time Clocks Simple Clocking in TimeTac

Employees choose between arrival, break, departure or any type of pre defined absence on the time clock and hold their finger on the fingerprint sensor to start tracking their time. The time clock recognizes the unique characteristics of a fingerprint and links it to an employee. Thus, you elimimate buddy punching. To protect employee data when using biometric time tracking, only specific characteristics are saved, no fingerprints....Read more

TimeTec Cloud Solutions for Workforce Management. Work ...

Apart from the time and attendance solution TimeTec TA, TimeTec also offers TimeTec Leave for a modern way to manage your employee's leave. Apply, approve, plan leave and many more via TimeTec Leave mobile app. Stop wasting time with the manual way and start your cloud based leave solution now with TimeTec Leave....Read more

TimeTac Employee Time Tracking

TimeTac is the web based software for all time tracking needs within companies. There are 3 products: project time tracking, employee time tracking and leave management. They can be used......Read more

Employee Self Service efficiency and transparency TimeTac

TimeTac offers a kind of web based employee self service which enables employees to perform some functions for themselves such as clock in or out via web, view their timecard, request vacation time and more. Thus, employees get actively involved by accessing their personal records, updating their own data or creating individual reports....Read more

TimeTac LinkedIn

TimeTac is an innovative producer of mobile and browser applications for time tracking and attendance monitoring in the workplace. Software solutions tailored towards employee and project time......Read more

NFC Time Tracking Accurate & Contactless TimeTac

With TimeTac NFC Time Tracking employees can easily navigate among their various working locations, contacting NFC stickers to begin recording time. NFC tags can be mounted on various checkpoints. Every checkpoint will be scanned by your employees via their smartphone and automatically registered....Read more

TimeTec Leave

Apart from managing employee's leave with TimeTec Leave, TimeTec also offers Time Attendance & Scheduling solution with TimeTec TA. Clock time, monitor time and value time in your business with TimeTec solution. TimeTec TA is directly linked to TimeTec Leave for a more effective operation....Read more

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